Building Community, One Tiny Home at a Time: The Simple Life Difference

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At Simple Life, we believe that the true heart of any community lies in its people. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create tiny houses communities that foster connection, collaboration, and a true sense of belonging. Join us as we explore what sets our tiny houses community apart and why so many are choosing to make Simple Life their home.

Shared Values

From day one, our residents become part of the Simple Life family. With shared values centered around sustainability, simplicity, and community, there’s an instant sense of camaraderie that transcends age, background, and lifestyle. Whether it’s lending a helping hand to a neighbor in need or coming together for a community-wide event, our residents know that they’re never alone in their journey.

Lifelong Learning

At Simple Life, we believe that personal growth never stops. That’s why our tiny houses communities are designed to be vibrant hubs of learning and creativity. From workshops and classes to guest speakers and cultural events, there’s always something new to discover and explore. Whether you’re honing your culinary skills in a cooking class or delving into the world of sustainable gardening, there’s no shortage of opportunities to expand your horizons and connect with like-minded individuals along the way.

A Place to Call Home

Above all else, Simple Life is a place to call home. With tiny home cottages that offer all the comforts of modern living and a community that feels like family, there’s no better place to put down roots and create lasting memories. Whether you’re starting a new chapter in life or simply seeking a change of pace, our tiny houses communities offer the perfect blend of tranquility, convenience, and camaraderie that makes every day feel like a celebration.


At Simple Life, we’re more than just a collection of tiny home cottage; we’re a community built on shared values, mutual respect, and a passion for living life to the fullest. Join us in embracing the Simple Life difference and discover a new way of living where connection, creativity, and community come together in perfect harmony.

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